Deal Breaker: Bible Thumper

Now I know we all want a Christian Man (I'm making a generalization for those who are sensitive to such), but what if this man is a Go-Hard, Sunday Service, Morning Service, Bible Study, and Wednesday Prayer Service.

And I don't mean the show up for attendance church goer I mean he is truly committed. He knows the art of integrating the Word into every conversation and he leaves know meal prayerless. "Bless you" is a permanent fixture in his vernacular and he truly seeks the Lord.

He doesn't have a desire to go clubbin, listen to non gospel music, or premarital sex. He doesn't view it as "wrong" he just has little desire to do so...

Is this a deal breaker? Is a man who is in-tune with the Word and committed to being a Man of God, intimidating? Do we only desire a specific level of religious commitment from a man?

I think we want to be with a man who share similar views of religion, something like being equally yoked. And if you two are not on the same plane, it is not unusual to be attracted to a man who is on the level you aspire to be on, in terms of his relationship with God. We can learn from a man with a strong relationship with the Lord, and though he may not be "the one" it is always great to have the digits of a man who wouldn't hesitate to pray for you when needed.

I don't think it is a deal breaker, so long as the man isn't the true definition of a Bible Thumper

Bible Thumper: One who uses the Bible to attack/defame others' characters instead of as a guide to proper living. These people tend to be depressingly ignorant of anything else except the Bible and behavior as expected by the religious.

I'm not a frequent church goer but I used to feel bad for the church boys thinking dang these good boys never get play but little did I know Church Boys can get down with the rest of em... fo' real!

Its so crazy how a place like church can be the breeding ground for sexual firsts of many. I was watching Judge Hatchett and there were two teens at court asking for a paternity test. He was 14 and she was 13!!

So Judge Hatchett inquired about how did they meet and when did the sexual relationship begin... and wouldn't you know it they both admitted it commenced between the pews, continued on the church van, and then there were the occasional encounters in the church parking lot during bible study... I wasn't as shocked as their parents, but that's crazy! Or am I being naive?

I digress... Back to the question at hand, is a church going, straight shootin', bible thumping man too much for you right now? Or just what you need in these times?


(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

Ohh religion...

Hmm...I have no problem with someone being into the church...but, if you're going to do something, do it right. Don't go to church and then come right out and want to fornicate with me. Didn't your pastor just teach you no sex before marriage? etc.etc..You find the most hypocrites in the church, which is why I stay out. Until I'm ready to devote my life 100% to Christ, I'm not going to fake the funk! So I guess I'll be a heathen for a little bit longer (i do say my prayers at night..lol)

Certified Diva aka Chivonne said...

I agree! Hypocrites are the worse... No hypocrites who throw scripture in your face every chance they get are the WORSE! My father is a minister so growing up I've witnessed a lot that goes on behind the pulpit and it is disheartening. Then it is funny how the Church Mothers are so determined to pair the single women with the single men because they think because he goes to church every Sunday he's "a catch" and it turns out he's as much of a dawg as the dude I met at the pool hall! Ugh! Anyways... Sharing similar spiritual views is always a plus but being with a "spiritual man" is different if you aren't seeing eye to eye.

Anonymous said...

There is something very attractive about a man that can pray ... and when they start stringing scripture together (in the right way) .. I absolutely positively love it!!! I hear y'all on the hypocrite thing ... I want a "real" bible thumper.

Certified Diva aka Chivonne said...

@Triniways I do have to agree with that. There's nothin' like a man who knows how to PRAY!