Shhhh…. Silencing the Hater within You

We are all Haters, it's only natural for us to have a little Hater within us. What distinguishes obvious haters from seemingly non-haters is the ability to silence the hater within.

Hating come as natural as breathing for many, for others it sort of creeps up on them and slips out in a few words or a text message. Nobody wants to be a hater so here are some tips on how to silence the hater within you:

  • If you feel the urge to hate on someones success or achievement, pause and ask yourself "how can this motivate me?" while you're answering that question the hater within you has retreated into a dark corner. Asking yourself that question delivers your from hateration because you decided to put a positive spin on your initial emotions.
  • When you see a female who looks pretty good and you can tell the she thinks that she looks damn good, so she's acting real stank like she shits roses... Your first reaction may be to comment on her repulsive air of confidence and narcissism, but no silence the hater within you by acting like you know you look good. Allow the confidence to be contagious… But do one better and pair your confidence with grace and class.
  • Don't you hate it when you see a goooood looking man with an aiiight looking female, and when she catches you staring at them, you get buck like, "bytch don't nobody want you man!" –PAUSE— While you are staring over there all in her business, you may be overlooking the man for you... FOCUS... he could be passing you by!

Sometimes we're haters and we don't realize we are hating so here are a few ways to tell that you are hating:

  • You find yourself searching for something to negatively criticize about a person... That's Hate
  • You dislike this person but don't have a real reason why, you just don't like them... That's Hate
  • Instead of congratulating you directly or indirectly opt to make a comment about something in order to undermine their achievement or the moment... That's Hate
  • You are happy when some people are sad or miserable... That's Hate
  • When someone is breaking out and doing something different you are critical and/or deliberately limit your support, because you wish you would have thought of it first... That's Hate
  • You are stingy as hell with compliments... That's Hate!

So when you begin to feel yourself hating; First Accept it because its normal, Second silence it because its unnecessary, and Third confront it because if you don't it will keep coming back.

Just like we are all Sinners we are all Haters... So Save Yourself!

Refuse to accept your hate? Disagree? or Did I miss anything? Let me know leave a comment!


LLnL said...

I LOVE THIS BLOG! Your blog is very cool, down to earth and entertaining but it has something to say. So many promote hate thinking that that is the way to express confidence when really it takes you away from getting to know and love yourself. Great practicals on how to spot the hater in your own heart and what to do about it.

This blog is something special, can't wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

You are right we all have an inner hater, we just have to learn to silence it.

Certified Diva aka Chivonne said...

@LLnL thank you very much! I look forward to your comments and feedback. Please spread the word!

@Triniways Yes, I think we all need to accept that little hater in us.