Chriannagate and Why We Care

Special Guest Post by ConsciousYung1

Each day I log onto my blogs to get my daily celebrity gossip and recently my heart has been saddened by the string of events surrounding these two rising pop stars. No need to give a synopsis of the situation, At this point everyone with a pulse can tell you. Chris Brown basically said to RihRih- “Let me slap you down”. He sent her to “Rehab”. She was singing “S.O.S.” He bashed her head against the window and subsequently left her bloodied and bruised in his Lamborghini.

No surprise she took him back.

My question is what does this all mean? What does her willingness to re-enter into this volatile situation symbolize not just about Rihanna but about Black women and domestic violence in general? Chriannagate could be Shaquronnegate. Everyday, Black and Brown women are mentally and physically abused by their spouses and refuse to report the pain they suffer.


Money: There is often a financial incentive to stay. When a man can financially isolate a woman and she is dependent upon him for her stability she is more likely to stay. She may need his money to maintain a certain lifestyle ( if she is wealthy) or just to survive ( if she is low-income).

Manipulation: Often the abuser will say hyperbolic statements like “I will kill myself if you leave me”

When the victim returns, there is calm for a while. But trust and believe, something, really anything, will set the abuser off again and there you are looking like this....

As for Rihanna.... does this mean she can never sing “ Take a bow” again? I guess not.We don’t believe you-- you need more people!

Please if you or someone you know is being abused by his/her spouse/partner .... get help today. http://www.ndvh.org/

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CryptKeeper said...

I don't think that domestic violence is just a black and brown issue. It is definitely a color-blind issue. It doesn't matter if you are White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, Arab, Italian, whatever. What differs is how people tolerate or react in the situation. While some may have cultural implications, each situation is unique to why the women may feel justified or rationalize why she needs to stay in the relationship, or has no other options but to suck it up and deal. It's a power struggle, one way or the other.