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I can not stress enough the importance of safe sex, STD's are real and some you have to live with for the rest of your life. Not only is it important to use condoms but if you may not have been using protection the next steps are to get tested, tell your partner(s), and get treated.
I just read about this site called www.inSPOT.org that allows people to anonymously send an e-card notifying their partner or any person they have hooked up with that they may have a STD and they should get tested.

I think this is a great site, a blogger had mentioned that they thought it was inhumane and further taken the human interaction out of sex... I couldn't disagree more! I know married couples who shy away from talking about sex with one another so it is no surprise that people involved in a random hook up would not even bother to have a discussion let alone deal with the embarrassing and possibly socially devastating issue of STD's.

The service is completely anonymous they send a E-card like the few below along with information on local testing sites:

I don't care if they send it by pidgeon or morse code I would want to know if there is a possiblity I have contracted an STD so KUDOS to inSPOT.org for creating this site! Ladies, don't be a fool, Knowledge is Power.

For more information visit www.inspot.org

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Stoltsheim Lian Bach IV said...

While I cant say its a great website (because you shouldn't put anybody in a position to where you have to use this service), I cant say it is not inhumane or whatever the blog you spoke of said. I agree, if there are people(and it is)out there who don't get tested regular, they may need this initiative to get tested and hopefully catch any STD they may have early and get it treated. So I don't agree with why this service is needed, but I do agree and appreciate that this service exist.