Readers' Challenge: Your Love Life in Six Words

In the spirit of Valentines/ Single Awareness Day I thought this would be an interesting post. It is inspired by the new book from the creative minds at Smith Magazine titled Six Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak, I would like to challenge my readers to write their Six Word Memoir on their experience thus far with matters of the heart, and to add a slight twist why not also write the six word memoir of how you envision your love life 10 years from now.

This memoir doesn't have to be based on the "love life" we associate with being with a significant other, but can also refer to the love you have developed for yourself as someone who is single.

Here's what I would write;
Today- "Who Knew He'd Come in Uniform"
10 years from now- "Far From Perfect, Yet Close Enough"

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Ella said...

Accepting today meant embracing ordinary happiness.

Ella said...

I drove for miles and miles...

(stolen from Maroon 5)