Freaky Friday Fact: The Ultimate Form of Castration?

Is being in a committed relationship or marriage the ultimate form of castration? According to a Harvard Medical Study, yes it is!

The study found that men who are married or in a romantically committed relationship have significant lower testosterone levels compared to other (single) men. I read that simply holding an infant lowers testosterone as well! How does this affect our relationships? Some men may be disturbed by the thought of becoming less of a man once they say, "I do." It is bad enough society is constantly ridiculing the plight of the committed man, then here comes science proving that there may be some truth to those locker room jokes.

As a woman, a married woman... I am not complaining! The Lord knows what He is doing! The hormones are lowering in order to help the man adapt to creating a home and a family. It doesn't make them "less of a man" but instead less of a horny teenager and more of a stable, supportive, engaging MAN and Partner. Now-Now testosterone does some many amazing things; from giving him that sensual deep voice, charming facial hair, and phenomenal drive in bed. So we want him to keep those qualities and biologically he can and will! If things begin to fade (like the sex) there's always a little blue pill to help with that!

Happy Freaky Friday & As always it will be sweeter if he wraps his peter!!


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