Mama Always Said...

"Pick all over sugar and land on shit"

Meaning, women will allow all the good men to get away and end up with a worthless man.

I think this is some advice we all need to hear a few times in our lives. How many of us sometimes reminisce about "the one that got away"? He is the guy who was so nice and sweet but too nice and sweet and because we didn't know any better we ended the relationship or any potential there was because we were looking for something different. Now, how many of us know now that "different" is not always better? Often the nice guys are overlooked because their sincerity may seem to good to be true, and we give our attention to the loud, flashy, and dramatic man because he glitters. When I say "glitters" I mean when someone has little to nothing to offer he may talk bigger than most, make promises that are grander than most, aim to attract attention that excessive than most, in efforts to conceal the fact that he really is not about shit. How many of us know that everything that glitter is not gold ? We often rant about wanting a "good man" someone who is worthy of our time and knows our worth (and whatnot) yet we seem to give those men the hardest time, or even worse we are so blinded by doubt and cynicism that we allow for that good man to pass us by. In future posts we will elaborate more on the men we attract and the men we are attracted to and why? Please stay tuned for that.

Part of what what Mama Said really sticks out to me is "pick all over..." I just envision a 6 year old at the dinner table "picking all over" her peas and rice, thinking I know this is good for me, I was told it was good for me, but I don't like the way it looks and I just don't want to try it. Sometimes we practice the habit of "picking all over men" as though we are 6 year olds and they are peas and rice. There are so many personal components that come into play when rationalizing why you should not further pursue a relationship, we will address those components and prevent my Divas from landing on shit. I do believe we all want strong & healthy relationships, but we all have some habits that may make it difficult for us to achieve that, atleast to its fullest potential.

In the "Mama Said..." series we will determine if the advice is still relevant for today Golden or if it is time for us to Wise Up and leave that advice in the books, and in this instance I think it is Golden. So listen to this advice and give the nice guys a chance! You may like him... or even better love him!

What do you think do nice guys always finish last?
Do you have a different interpretation of what Mama said?

Did your mama always tell you some words of advice about men, love, relationships, or simply being a woman and you would like it featured? Please email me the quotation and what it means to Sweet.Chivonne@Gmail.Com


olderbutwiser said...

Your post is very good and from a man's point of view, it does hurt to try to be the best man you can be just to be past up for the "player".

My site is for men finding and keeping the right woman. Feel free to check it out if you like.


Anonymous said...

I'm young but that doesn't mean 1)I couldn't have experienced this 2) I don't understand the gravity of this kind of situation. I can honestly say I let the good one go and for no good reason. I def. feel bad about it but I don't regret it because it made me wiser to it. Hopefully one day, in the future because again I am young, I'll make a better decision.