Deal Breaker: It's all in the Drink

Ladies if you are at a club and being approached by a man drinking an apple martini or strawberry daiquiri, what do you think would plague your mind at the moment?

I was listening to a popular local morning show and a caller posed a similar question to the radio personalities. I was shocked to hear other female callers ranting about how they would not only see him as less of a man, but actually question his sexuality.

It is not only women who are perpetuating this perception but men as well, as demonstrated in this excerpt from a popular blog for men (AskMen.com):

"You may love the taste of Sex on the Beaches and Apple Martinis, but ordering these sweet, colorful drinks may cramp your style. A real man’s drink is strong, sour and stings a little on the way down. So, treat your masculine self to a drink oozing with machismo, one without the fruit flavor or cherry garnish... Show off your rugged, testosterone-dripping, macho-soaked side by knocking back one of these drinks at your local watering hole. Show the ladies that you can handle your hard liquor like a pro, and they’ll be swooning over your manliness in no time."
(I could not help but laugh when I read this, paraphrasing would not have done it any justice)

How many single (and looking) ladies are passing over perfectly good men because of this ridiculous misconception? Judging a man by the color and container of his alcohol is so profoundly foolish I had to clear this myth- pronto!

One of pop cultures favorite and beloved womanizing manly-man's drink of choice is a martini (shaken not stirred). Granted it was a dry martini made with vodka, and today fruit flavored martinis are popular. What does it matter if a man wants to conceal the liquor a bit with a little peach flavor- it doesn't make him fruity!

Ladies, we need to realize that some men are comfortable with their sexuality and "style" and do not find it necessary to swig hard liquor and roar barbarically as it burns their chest, don't pass him over.

Now YOU tell me, If a man drinking a pink margarita adorned with a green umbrella poured in curvacious glassware topped with cherries was trying to holla at you are you going to reciprocate interest or did he just break the deal?



CryptKeeper said...

LOL That's so funny because a guy I'm kind of talking with likes fruity drinks and at first it raised a brow, but honestly at the end of the day I was like who cares. That's like saying guys can't drink juice. However, if MY MAN were to be rocking a pink drink with a green umbrella, I think THAT would have been addressed on the spot more specific because of my strong color aversion to those colors especially them juxtaposed together ;-).

Anonymous said...

I think it might raise an eyebrow for me as a note to put on the backburner. But it might also mean we have a good deal in common b/c I am a fiend for anything sweet and if he can rock with me on that level I see good times in the future.