Welcome to Fool Proof Diva

Welcome to the Fool Proof Diva!

This blog will include articles, dialogue, tips, and testimonials dealing with dating, relationships, sex, and lifestyle.

Why “Fool Proof”? Because I believe it is important for women to be equipped with the necessary tools and support to avoid the many fools out there lurking with their selfish intentions of using and abusing you.

Being Fool Proof is not a state of being but a mind set. I want to encourage women to believe they can have the best and deserve better when it comes to matters of the heart and their sexuality.

I recognize and understand that we all have diverse perspectives on dating, relationships, and sexuality and look forward to hearing your opinions on the topics.

I am straight forward, because we are at a place in our lives where we need to miss the bull and address the real issues- it will be fun!

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